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How to Pack for Move Fast with Limited time (one day)

Life is full of uncertainties and may find yourself in a situation where you have to pack and move fast maybe, due to an unexpected job transfer or a dreaded notice to move from your landlord. You might also be forced to move hurriedly because of procrastinating too much and before you realize it, you are supposed to move the following day! Whatever the case, it is still possible to pack in a hurry and move efficiently with less time.

Relax your mind.

It is normal to stare at everything you have to put together and feel like it’s too much to do. The thought of packing to move in a day may have you paralyzed mentally and before you know it, the big day is already here. It is very important to compose your mind and focus on this big task.

Plan and write an inventory

It all begins with a simple plan to beat the time crunch. The worst mistake that you can make is to dive into the packing task without a plan. You will end up wasting time and possibly be caught up in a big mess. Therefore, you have to be organized from the word go. To achieve this, write an inventory of the things you have in your home room by room. Label the items you want to toss, donate and pack for the move. The inventory will help you sort things faster.

Create a ‘to do list.’

Doing things step by step will save your time and energy. Have a priority list to be able to set your goals right. This includes the errands that you have to run and specifically where everything in your inventory should be packed. Also, give yourself a timeline to complete each and every task to avoid wasting time. Stick to your to do list so that you don’t leave anything behind.

Arrange for logistics

Having your logistics all set will give you assurance about your moving. You barely have time to waste so you need to look for a moving company if at all you will need professional help. Alternatively, begin a search for a truck that can fit your household items for the move. You can check within your neighborhood or online to get access to a number of options. Get at least three quotations and go for the most affordable movers or truck. Negotiate for a good price and make a decision right away. Don’t go for expensive options out of desperation because of your timeline.

Organize for cleaning in the new house.

The last thing you want to do when you move to your new home is to start cleaning off the dust and scrubbing the tiles. Make a few calls to the estate manager or landlord to organize for cleaning. It will feel better to move into a sparkling clean and fresh house. It will also reduce the work you have to do while unpacking.

Get a packing squad

You need to get help to speed up the packing process. If you are living with your family, involve them in the packing task. If you have to do it all the packing by yourself due to circumstances, consider asking for help from friends or professional movers. In your packing to do list divide the tasks to make the packing smoother. Each person can handle a room and you can wind up with the kitchen and the exterior such as the garage and garden.

Organize for packed lunch or snacks and coffee for your packing squad just in case hunger strikes at the middle of the packing activity. This also serves as a motivation to them as they don’t have to worry about food.

Note that it is important to brief those helping you on how you want things packed in each room so that you can all be on the same page.

Start early.

You could be asking when you should start packing for the move….

Let it sink at the back of your mind that you only have a day to pack. The best thing to do is to maximize the time you have left to complete the task. Rise early and prepare to pack for the move.

Assemble your packing tools

Check the packing tools you have available in your home. Since you have less time, you might not be in a position to purchase moving boxes. That doesn’t mean that you are stuck! You can take advantage of trash bags, suitcases and laundry hampers in your house. Also, borrow additional packing boxes from your neighbors or nearby store. Don’t forget to look out for straps and tape to seal whatever you will use to pack for the move. If you can’t find a maker pen whatever you have. It could be a pen, sticky notes or paint to label your boxes.

Declutter quickly

Sort out the things that you don’t need. Label the items that you want to give away and those that belong to the litter bin. Do this in all the bedrooms. Give away the items that are in good condition to goodwill. The rest throw inside a litter bin.

The more you declutter the easier it becomes to pack for a move. Remember, there is no much time left so you need to be practical and put aside your emotions when making your decisions. Focus on things that really matter. If you have a second thought about something, leave it!

Get rid of the things you will leave behind

This is the perfect time to clear your fridge by removing all the food and drinks and defrost it. Get rid of all the food remains in the pantry as well. You can put them aside and give them to your helpers so they don’t leave your house empty handed.

Go to your bathrooms, toilets and garage and take away everything that you don’t need including things that aren’t safe to transit such as sprays and chemicals. Put them in garbage bags as you will have to dispose them after you finish packing everything. To save time, you can have a friend dispose them for you as they leave.

Pack your essentials in a duffle bag

Before you start packing your household stuff, pack a bag with all the basic things you will need in the first few days after moving. Pack the kind of things you would carry for a vacation. Such include; a few clothes, purse/wallet, bathing towel, sandals and grooming kit. Pack small items that you could easily lose in your duffle bag.

Pack things in your bedroom

I) Pack clothes on their hangers

Keep in mind that you have a time limit and you must get it all done before the movers come in the next day. Now, you have everything you should pack in your home and you are about to get into a packing spree.

Remove your clothes from the wardrobes and pack them while still on their hangers. Wrap garbage bags around the clothes and tie them around the hangers. You can also pack them in laundry hampers or suitcases.

II) Leave things in their drawers

If you have some of your clothes, books, jewelry or toys inside the drawers, you don’t have to remove anything. Take out the drawers with their contents inside and cover them with tape to prevent the items from spilling. Pile three drawers on top of each other to make them easy to carry.

III) Pack shoes

Shoes barely need extra care, they are easy to pack and transport. Remove them from your shoe rack and pack them in trash bags if you don’t have enough boxes. Tie the trash bag at the top using a strap.

Make sure that your boxes are well labelled according to the room and the contents in each box. Trust me, you will have an easy time when unpacking in your new home.

iv) Pack beddings.

Another pack to move in a hurry hack is where you stash your clean bed sheets inside the dryer. Put heavier duvets, blankets and pillows in a laundry basket. This will save on time and space. Also, after moving you won’t be rummaging over your suitcases looking for beddings to spread your bed.

IV) Pack the things in the kitchen

The thought of packing things in the kitchen all by yourself can feel really overwhelming. Let your helpers assist you pack things from the drawers and cabinets. Equip each one of them with crashed newspapers to fill in and wrap fragile utensils. Layer bubbled wrap papers or towels at the bottom of each box and the sides to prevent things from rattling inside which may cause them to break. Ensure that the boxes with fragile utensils are well labeled so that you can be able to distinguish them from the rest while transporting them.

Pack the living room quickly

You will find packing things in the living room less daunting if you engage your packing squad. Let some tackle the task of packing the furniture by covering them with moving blankets. The rest of them can help with packing delicate things such as electronics including the television, music system, computers and art work. Let someone also remove the bulbs, lampshades, fan and curtains. You can utilize the boxes that you bought the electronics in and tape them or tie them up with straps to secure them. You can also wrap them with bubble wrapping paper and place them in boxes. Ensure that you label the boxes well to indicate what each box consists. For fragile things, indicated clearly.

Pack carpet and door marts

I consider this the easiest task to do. It’s easily done when you have people to assist you fold the carpets. Go room by room including the bathrooms and toilets and take off all carpets. Fold them and pack them in one big box with the largest at the bottom. If you don’t have an extra box put them on top of each other and tie them up together using a strap. Do the same for brooms and brushes.

Pack liquids in bottles and cover the tops.

I trust that you don’t want to find yourself in a moving conundrum. Pick everything that could spill and fasten the top with tape. Pack them in a separate bag/box and on the label indicate that they should be carried facing upwards.

Big stuff that you cannot move with

If there is big stuff such as furniture that you cannot carry with you, talk to your landlord or management to allow you to leave it behind. You can then ask your neighbor or friend to have it delivered to you later. If it’s not possible, take good photos of the item before you leave so that you advertise it for sale. The buyer can pick it up from your old address.

Finally, in your hurry to pack and leave, go to all the rooms to check if there is anything you may have left behind.

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