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Incredibly Simple and Creative Home Décor Ideas That Anyone Can Afford.

Walking into an elegant home is so therapeutic! It also gives you a sense of confidence in your home. That is why you need to spice up your home to make a little heaven for you and your family. Decorating your home can be fun and challenging at the same time but with good budgeting and planning, the outcome is always fulfilling.

You don’t have to be a pro to overhaul your entire living space. All you need is to set your eyes on the prize. Your goal should be to end up in a spruced up home that will leave you feeling like a royalty. The home décor ideas in this article will work perfectly for your living space regardless of the size or layout. All you need to do is understand your space in terms of the design, size, lighting, paint color and furniture. Secondly, you need to know the basic principles of decorating to come up with a master piece.

Prepare to decorate your home by;

a) Decluttering your home

The first step to bring a complete change in your home is to declutter. Check out some of the ways to declutter your house to make it easier for you to organize and decorate your home.

b) Organizing your home

The second step is to organize your home for a more streamlined look to maximize your space. After organizing your house you will finally be in control of your home and ready to put decorative additions.

If you are ready to jog your mind and reveal your aesthetic ability through craft, follow the home décor ideas and tips I have collected over time;

Use wallpapers

Installing wallpapers is a good way to add personality to your interior and make a statement in your rooms. It is also a way to enliven the dull look in your rooms. Due to their versatility, wallpapers can be used as an accent wall or an entire wall cover. Consider having different wallpapers in each room depending your preference. Some types of wall papers that you can consider include; stripped patterns, floral patterns and 3D wallpapers.

Use wall art

To create an inviting space, you need to give your walls a special touch by hanging wall arts. They have a way of bringing relaxation in your home. There is a wide variety of wall arts themes depending on your taste. Some of these themes include; beach themed arts, floral arts, animal arts, traditional arts and bohemian arts.

Place wall mirrors

Place decorative mirrors on your living room or dining room wall especially if you have a small living room. It will help open up your space by creating an illusion of depth. It’s a good practice to place your mirror to reflect a decorative art, chandelier, nice furniture or above the fireplace. Simply something worth looking at.

It is also a brilliant idea to place a small or horizontal mirror along your corridor or staircase make it appear wider. Mirrors also work magic in your bedroom when they are put in a corner or above your head board to avoid seeing your reflection.

House Plants

Freshen up your home with a touch of green to enhance a natural feel and create an ecofriendly living room. Simply, install a floating shelf or plant hanger on one of your favorite house corners or wall and put your house plants in pretty pots or vases. If you want your plant display to look fuller use a plant riser. The plants don’t have to be real, fake plants can also be a good option. You can also mount your plant holders at your entrance porch for a more inviting vibe.

Throw pillows

You could make a big impact in your living room or bedroom by just adding throw pillows. For a bespoke look, you can have them personalized. If not, you can choose patterned ones or ones with solid colors. For a more organized look, know how to mix and match the patterns and colors. Choose a cohesive color palette and stick to it, also, arrange them asymmetrically. If you like patterns, mix simple prints with a busy print and a solid color.

Decorative bulbs

Ambient lighting is like a jewelry for your home. Warm up your living room or bedroom with rich colored bulbs to give your room a more relaxed feel. Wall lights could also play the trick. Choose bright colored bulbs for dull rooms or furniture to breathe life into the space. For bright rooms consider less bright colored bulbs to create a good balance.

Lamp shades

Make your space shine and sparkle by illuminating your room using either a lamp shade, table lamp, pendant lamps or a floor standing lamp. Without a doubt, these will draw attention and add character to your room.

Wall mounted shelves

Make your living room stand out with floating shelves. I find it a perfect podium for storage and display to showcase your books and magazines or your treasured framed personal photos. They really work well with small spaces for a stylish and more organized look.

Decorative wreaths

To make a memorable statement at your front door, make a perfect addition of a decorative wreath. This is the best way to welcome your guests even without saying a word. Wreaths are easy to make and shockingly affordable in most shops. You can change them seasonally when you want to a forge a different impression.

Decorative wall painting

Walls can get boring over time and make you feel like you are holed up in your home. Say goodbye to boring walls by having a feature or accent wall with decorative painting. It is quite easy and affordable to achieve this. Choose a plain color or draw patterns making sure they match the theme in your home.

Decorate your wardrobe doors

Bring instant sophistication in your bedroom by adorning your wardrobe doors. Believe it or not, you can give the doors a quick facelift by installing wallpapers, covering them with an eye catching fabric or painting them. If your wardrobes don’t have a door, dress them up with an attractive curtain matching the theme of your room. That way, it will be easy to access the inside of your wardrobe.

Decorate your dresser

The best way to decorate your dresser is by changing the knobs to shiny silver or gold. Also, draw an appealing pattern across the drawers using a different paint to enhance its beauty.

Stick wall decals

Add more style to your walls or doors with wall decals. This could be the kind of touch your doors or walls need. They are affordable, easy to stick and remove when you need a change. They work best in your babies’ rooms.

Play food set

Invite exotic elegance in your dining area by placing a play food set such as oranges, bananas, pumpkins, cucumbers, apples etc. Place them on a plain color tray or arrange them on your dining table.

Seat slip covers

To emphasize the theme of your house, replace your seat fabrics if they are worn out. You can also dress them with better looking removable seat covers. Go for a color that matches perfectly with your curtains for an excellent look.

Funky door knobs

Get rid of old and boring door knobs and brighten up you doors with cuter door knobs. It’s incredible how fast and easy this can transform your house.

Decorative vases

To get a romantic setting in your home, make use of wine bottles, wine glasses, jars or cups with broken handles to make decorative vases. Cover any of these with gift wrap papers or colored lace. Colors such as yellow, green, red, blue or pink could work well. Put fake flowers inside and display them on your tv stand, shelves, fire place or dresser to lift the aura of your room.

Change your curtains.

Add visual interest in your space to make it better by sewing your own curtains or buying ones that match the theme of your house. For dull rooms consider brighter curtains or blinds and for bright rooms, tone it down with dull colored curtains. Use blinds with different colors for a more alluring look.

Cover up old appliances.

Contact papers have the kind of patterns that inspire home makeovers from their look and feel. To beautify old appliances in your house, cover them up with easy to peel contact paper. For an ugly kitchen counter top, use granite marble design wall paper.

Use rags or carpets.

To define areas in your home, use appealing rags or carpets matching the theme in each of your rooms. You can play around with different shapes, colors and patterns to spruce up your floors. Choose rags that compliment and add excitement to your rooms. For instance, put a rag under your coffee table, next to your dresser, beneath your dining table, at your front door step, outside your bathroom door, toilet door or inside your toilet. You can also put one near kitchen sink or corridor.

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